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Discover the benefits of digitalisation

When your documents and information are in digital formats, your organisation unlocks a wide range of opportunities for efficiency and competitive advantage:

  • Build automated digital workflows to route documents around your organisation, improving both process control and efficiencies.
  • Connect disparate offices and systems to create a cohesive central process and information source, vastly improving your ability to enact change and support detailed forecasting.
  • Create an instant Disaster Recovery System for all data stored within the system.
  • Gain true oversight on all business processes with a complete audit trail on all changes, decisions and stages of all digital workflows.

Digitalise your customer journey to improve customer experience as well as giving staff instant access to the information they need

Enhance your business transformation with document digitalisation

Your organisation faces increasing demands around information security, access and resilience. As well as an overwhelming case for a paperless office leads to a clear conclusion – there has never been a more ideal time for your organisation to adopt document digitalisation.


Many, if not all of these concerns can be addressed by placing a document management system (DMS) at the heart of your data storage policies and internal business processes. Implementing a DMS within your organisation is the ideal way to accomplish your goals around document digitalisation, whilst delivering numerous benefits to both your organisation and your people:

  • Enable employees to securely access any documents or information that they need, from any location, via any internet-connected device.
  • Centrally control access to all company data, improving information security across the organisation.
  • Automatically extract data from documents to save time on manual data entry and improve accuracy of searchable information.
  • Integrate with your existing systems, helping to improve your software setup, rather than replace any current platforms.
  • Save time and effort currently spent searching for and collating business information.
  • Save time and costs on paper storage and disposal

Your partner for document management solutions

At Charterhouse, we take time to understand your business and current processes. We work with you and your teams to design a bespoke solution that will work alongside your existing systems to deliver improved efficiencies and enhance your business practices. We understand that the scope of your digitalisation and document management project extends beyond pure technology, as your specific business processes need to form the core part of any successful project implementation.


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