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Your security strategy is increasingly vital

Data protection and cyber security are key issues for your organisation today – not just in relation to your IT, but to your overall operating strategy. How can you do business more securely?


The risks of your organisation being the victim of a cyber attack are increasingly serious – potentially involving the theft of your sensitive data (such as customer or employee records) or valuable intellectual property (such as product designs or R&D). The impact of an attack can be critically damaging to an organisation commercially and in terms of public perception and regulatory response, as headlines regularly demonstrate.

Taking a more proactive security approach

So how to protect your business against cyber-attack? The ingenuity, automation, diversity and scale of threats demands a new proactive, automated enterprise cybersecurity strategy for your business, rather than a defensive approach that only responds after the event.


You need to deploy the latest network firewall security, filtering and endpoint protection technologies, to prevent cyber attacks and defend against constantly evolving malware, phishing attacks and zero-day exploits.

Embedding security across your business

As your organisation uses more IT services outside your firewall, including public cloud (such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services), SaaS (such as Office 365 and Salesforce), and diverse mobile devices and apps, you face ever more complex data security challenges.


You need a security solution that ensures dynamic protection for your data – not only on your networks, servers and endpoints inside the firewall, but also across your unified communications, on mobile devices and in the cloud.


Your chosen security stack should combine real-time intelligence on the latest threats with advanced automation of protection, to always keep you ahead of the cyber attackers.

The rise of the integrated security platform

Understanding what data you are holding and who has access to it is a vital step in understanding how to secure it. You need the right tools to monitor and understand the flow of information around a potential data breach, and to respond quickly.


Rather than trying to manage a variety of unrelated security tools from multiple vendors, the industry’s leading security experts are increasingly focusing on more tightly integrated security platform solutions that can be easily customised to your organisation’s evolving security needs.


Our integrated solutions are designed around your needs