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Invoice and Forms Processing

Manual invoice processing is slow, expensive and prone to errors. Research has shown that it costs on average £151* and 10* days to process an invoice. Data entry alone takes the majority of accounts payable time and 20%* of invoices are paid late, often incurring financial penalties. * RS Consulting / Canon Europe 2011

An inefficient invoice process is costly. It causes unnecessary strain on cash flow, makes it difficult to accurately identify outstanding liabilities and severely hampers correct forecasting. Lost documents increase the risk of errors and wastes valuable staff time to resolve discrepancies, handle disputes and answer supplier queries, as well as damaging supplier relationships.

Charterhouse Voice & Data offers a complete automated solution that addresses all invoice processing challenges such as archiving, retrieving, and auditing invoice data for regulatory compliance, enabling you to focus on your core business.  We can seamlessly integrate an effective solution into existing IT systems and provide tailored ongoing support.

Business Benefits

  • Centralised batch processing and validation ensures documents are accurate before routing them through to business- critical applications such as CRM systems.
  • Reduced costs; Invoice Processing can help cut processing times, reduce late penalty payments and avoid costly invoice disputes. It can also help you to leverage early payment discounts.
  • Greater control; Reporting systems deliver clear invoice status allowing you to answer supplier queries first time. Process reports allow you to identify bottlenecks, areas for improvement and any changes in performance over time.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency; Manual data entry time is dramatically reduced and input accuracy improved - so you can focus more time on revenue generation or customer service. The availability of invoice documentation for query, dispute and audit can be improved and the number of lost invoices reduced.
  • Improved compliance; Retrieval of documentation for auditing is quick and easy, while approval steps and ownership are readily identifiable. It can also be integrated into your retention and compliance policies


How we can help

Charterhouse Voice & Data take the time to assess and understand your business processes and workflows to recommend the right combination of hardware, software and services to enhance every aspect of your forms and Accounts payable process’s.

We provide a range of innovative, cost-effective applications for content and document management. Intelligent, remote usage and device monitoring tools help with your document control processes.

Utilising a combination of high performance data recognition technologies, information from the most complex of forms can be captured; including hand prints, machine print, check boxes and barcodes.

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • ICR (Intelligent Capture Recognition)
  • OMR (Optical Mark Recognition)
  • BCR (Barcode Recognition)

Our trouble-free implementation enables large-scale IT network deployments, supported by the latest multi-function, internet-enabled devices and intelligent cost management systems.




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