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Document Management

Improve employee productivity and query response times with intelligent electronic document editing, management, storage and retrieval tools.

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Invoice and Forms Processing

Streamline business critical document processes to control and optimise customer and supplier response times.

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Native Integration in to Microsoft SharePoint

Enhance document security and integrity by scanning and storing directly in to SharePoint

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A flexible approach to workflow management

The paperless office is far from a reality. Every day, documents are created, stored and shared; resulting in large volumes of data. Documents are often replicated multiple times, causing issues with version control and increasing the amount of time and resource associated with document management.

Charterhouse Voice & Data build solutions around the day-to-day needs of your users and the processes your organisation uses to produce and manage documents. We aim to automate manual and repetitive tasks to improve workforce productivity whilst reducing costs and consolidating information so it’s easily accessible; improving efficiency, reducing waste and eliminating redundancy.

Our solutions range from relatively simple concepts such as digitising paper documents to create a searchable electronic archive, to more complex configurations that integrate paper-based workflows, enterprise content management and other business applications.



Around 80% of an organisation’s information is now in electronic format, but only 20% of it will be held in a formal database.*

*Source: Quocirca -  Big data – big problems, or massive opportunities? May 2012


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