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Native Integration in to Microsoft SharePoint

Increase document security and integrity by scanning directly into SharePoint from your scanner or multifunction device. Scanning direct to SharePoint reduces the likelihood of misfiling documents and the subsequent time wasted looking for them. It also improves systems security by reducing the need for potentially sensitive information to be held locally on users’ devices.

Centralised management makes it easy to allocate printers to user groups; routing documents automatically to the most convenient or cost effective device.

Support for mobile printing from any RIM, iOS and Android device results in a genuinely flexible and future-proofed solution that integrates seamlessly with your back office systems.


One-Click Scanning, Direct to Microsoft Office Applications

Increase productivity by scanning documents directly into Microsoft Office applications. Office workers are frequently required to copy sections of reports or publications for integration into new documents. Our solutions make it quick and easy to scan images, tables and text directly into MS Word or Excel, with just the click of a button.


User Activity Audits

Improve security with a comprehensive audit trail of all user activity at the point of capture. Activity reports enable you to monitor and manage user activity closely and pin-point potential security breaches. Should an employee copy and share a confidential document, unintentionally or otherwise, you can directly pin-point the user, the time it was sent and its destination/recipient. This information could subsequently be used to retrieve the file and mitigate further risk.


One-Click Document Filing

Simplify workflows with one-click document filing. Help employees adopt a best-practice approach to document filing and management with a logical, structured system that avoids duplication and misfiling.

By defining folders for specific document types (EG: Finance / Accounts / Invoices) on the capture device, users need only select the file type they are scanning and the system will do the rest.


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