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Assess and Optimise

Understanding the print environment of a business is often complex with print output coming from multiple locations within an office and multiple sites. In many instances print processes are part of broader critical business processes that are owned by different departments. This makes it increasingly difficult to accurately identify all the costs that are often hidden within individual departmental budgets.

Adopting a strategic and holistic approach to print management assessment and optimisation provides a comprehensive and transparent view of document printing infrastructure; how it is used by the workforce today and how it must adapt to future needs. This enables any device fleet to be tailored against the document output needs of each department and individual, improving availability, simplifying workflow processes and reducing TCO.

Business Benefits

  • Control and reduce costs
  • Mitigate risk and adhere to regulatory compliance
  • Enhance user satisfaction and productivity
  • Monitor and manage print devices
  • Improve efficiency and environmental sustainability
  • Turn paper documents into digital data that can be edited, managed and stored intelligently


How we can help

Accurate savings analytics start with compiling a detailed knowledge of the current operating environment and conducting a thorough assessment of your document workflows including:

  • Understanding current total cost of ownership (TCO) and current costs through a structured quick, full or custom project-based Assessment Service tailored to your needs, but always underpinned by the Six Sigma phases
  • Evaluating current operating costs and performance of any in-place metered devices and identify the potential savings opportunities available through the use of more effective devices
  • Assessing current operations in terms of overall power and carbon consumption, including paper and trees
  • Providing an intelligent and dynamic solution design enabled through our MPS tools platform
  • Providing solution modelling and real-time what-if scenarios to give valuable insight in to future TCO savings the proposed solution can deliver
  • Reviewing the benefits of a proposed solution design against your actual physical site map and future designs that capture, incorporate and validate against your print policy
  • Providing analytics that enable fact-based discussions and designs across the organisation
  • Tailoring data collection using our powerful tools and proven processes



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