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100% Carbon Neutral


We take our responsibilities to our community and the environment seriously. In partnership with The Carbon Neutral Company we have made great strides in reducing our carbon footprint over the years and we remain committed to sustainability.


Our Carbon Neutral Program

We have proved that you can reduce your carbon footprint whilst growing your business. In our Carbon Neutral Program we’ve set ourselves ambitious targets across the business. We annually audit and measure our carbon footprint, waste production and water consumption and take proactive steps to further reduce them:


  • Increased use of remote working to reduce commuting footprint
  • Introduction of a cycle-to-work scheme for employees
  • Established "walking engineers" with travel cards instead of vans
  • Recycling of paper, magazines, cardboard, bottles, cans and packaging
  • Replacement of heating and lighting systems with energy-efficient units
  • Adoption of processes that use softcopy material and online working practices to reduce hardcopy documents
  • Use of print output management tools to keep paper consumption low


Reduce your carbon emissions. It makes sense and it reduces costs.

Our Carbon Neutral focus extends beyond our own activities to our clients and our supply chain. We choose to work with partners who have made a concerted and measurable effort to reduce their impact on the environment in areas such as power consumption during manufacturing and in product usage. By incorporating their energy efficiency innovations into our solutions we help businesses to change the way they do things and become greener.

Our green agenda isn’t just altruism, it makes commercial sense too. Our solutions can reduce power consumption by up to 75% and resource consumption by up to 40%. Our clients become more energy efficient, generate less paper, travel less and work more flexibly.

To find out more about how our solutions can help you reduce your carbon footprint (and costs) contact us now to arrange a consultative visit.




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